Digex is ready to receive the aircraft and crew with comfort, agility and safety.

The facilities consist:

• Two hangars (2,500 m² each)
• Rooms for guests and Pilots (76m²)
• Warehouse for materials and tools (525sqm)
• Workshop support (416m²): Composite Materials, Aircraft Painting, Plating, Interior Refurbishment, Avionics, NDT, Machining and Technique Cleaning
• Offices (298m²): Administrative, Supply Chain, Engineering, Quality, Planning and IT

Note: Hangars can hold 16 executive aircraft , 04 Aircraft models B737- 200/300/400/500, 04 Aircraft models C-130, 02 Aircraft models B727-200, 02 Aircraft models B757-200, 02 Aircraft models A318/319/320 or combinations of these models.


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